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Buurtkamer Corantijn also speaks English!

You want to participate in the neighbourhood but don’t speak Dutch (yet)? On this page you will find activities that are especially suitable for people who do not speak Dutch. But if you can understand a little Dutch other activities like Stoelyoga could also be nice for you. Most activities in the Buurtkamer are (almost) free. Do you have a question? Mail to info@buurtkamercorantijn.nl.

Do you want to organize an activity for this target group yourself? Check possibilities via info@buurtkamercorantijn.nl. For free activities that are open to neighbours, in most cases you can use the Buurtkamer without paying rent.

Organizing a private party or meeting is also possible, but then you will have to pay rent, more info (in Dutch) here.

Cold at home? Come and sit warm!
In January and February 2023, you can walk into Buurtkamer Corantijn every Wednesday afternoon between 13:00 and 17:00. To study or work, to drink a free cup of coffee or tea, play a game with your child or just read a book. Under the name ‘Warm Rooms’ we want to ensure that everyone in the area has a place where he or she can go. So lower your thermostat and grab your book, knitting or notepad or your laptop, jigsaw puzzle or reading material and come to the Buurtkamer!

Neighbourhood drinks (‘Buurtborrel’) – Language no problem!
You like to have a drink with your neighbours but feel insecure about speaking Dutch? During our monthly ‘Buurtborrel’ we will ensure that internationals like you are extra welcome. We will speak English and Dutch and maybe other languages!  The Buurtborrel is usually on a Tuesday or Thursday at the end of the month. See for the date of the next one the title of this page: www.buurtkamercorantijn.nl/buurtborrel-eerstvolgende

Schilderworkshops voor kinderen door Amsterdam Tales

-English text below-
Is jouw kind (tussen 4 en 8 jaar) de volgende Van Gogh? Doe mee met de leuke schilderworkshops van Amsterdam Tales! Kunstenares Laura García laat bij elke workshop verschillende technieken  (zoals acryl, tempera, pastel, inkt) zien, dus elke workshop is anders. Taal is geen probleem, de voertaal is Engels, maar er wordt ook Nederlands en Spaans gesproken.
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